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The Productive Mac User's Blueprint

The Productive Mac User's Blueprint

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Use 100% of your Mac's potential, work 20% faster and save up to 3 hours per week using the latest hacks.

(without spending days setting up your Mac and learning the latest tips)

This simple step-by-step system will teach you how to take full advantage of your Mac in 2024 without doing any of the work yourself.

Just plug and play and you're ready to go. Forget about watching dozens of YouTube videos or getting confused with all the Mac's settings, this blueprint has everything you need.

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Most people who buy a $1400 Mac, only use half of its potential. Which means they're literally losing $700...

I want to help you take those $700 back! With this blueprint, you will learn how to optimise your Mac's settings, improve your Mac's battery life and much more!

This blueprint will help you...

  • Set up your Mac the correct way

    There are 18 Mac settings that everyone needs to change right away, regardless of their workflow. The blueprint walks you through each of these settings step-by-step.

  • Work faster on your Mac

    What if you could 3x your work speed on your Mac? This may sound like a dream, but this is possible! The blueprint teaches you how you can work faster on your Mac, Through changing some settings, learning keyboard shortcuts & more!

  • Get more out of your battery

    Chances are that your Mac is using way too much unneccassary battery! So you're left with an empty battery way to often... the blueprint teaches you how to optimise your computer's battery life through changing 6 settings and some other practices.

  • Increase the performance of your Mac

    Your Mac's performance is determined by how you use your Mac... the blueprint will teach you how to optimize your Mac's performance, so you can work without seeing that spinning beachball all the time.

  • Make your Mac aesthetic

    Have you seen all these aesthetic Mac setups on social media, but can't get your own Mac to look like that? This blueprint explains exactly how you can make your computer as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

  • Master the apps you use daily

    Apps like Finder, Notes and Safari have dozens of pro features you probably don't know about! The blueprint explains these in fine detail, so you can use the full potential of these apps!

  • Keep your Mac up to date with the latest tips

    As macOS evolves, so will the blueprint! I will be updating the blueprint (for free) overtime with new tips, shortcuts, etc. and it will get modified when macOS changes.

And no, you don't need to be a techie!

This blueprint is so easy to understand, even a toddler could do it. I walk you through each step by hand, so you can stop worrying about workflow and start enjoying your Mac the way its supposed to be used.

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Still not convinced?

Value is guaranteed with this blueprint!

If you can prove that you haven't gotten any value from the blueprint after reading it, you will get your money back!


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at I'm here to help!

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Who is this blueprint for?

This blueprint is for anyone who is ready to get the absolute most out of their Mac!

And yes, anyone can use this blueprint! Even if you're not technical at all or if you're completely new to the Mac!

Do you have a refund policy?

If you can prove that the blueprint hasn't improved your workflow in any way, you will get your money back.

Will the blueprint still work when macOS gets updated?

Yes, as macOS evolves, so will the blueprint! I will be updating the blueprint overtime with new tips, shortcuts, etc. and it will get modified when macOS changes.

And yes, you will receive these updates for free!

How long does it take to apply the tips from the blueprint?

Some of the tips in the blueprint can be applied in the first 15 after you've received it!

Some other tips may take a bit longer to get into your workflow, but reading the entire blueprint doesn't take longer than 2 hours!