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Bram D Media

The Notion Content Creator Template

The Notion Content Creator Template

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A proven system that will help you become a 5-figure content creator.

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Why get this template?

Systemise your content creation

Staying consistent with your content is the key to success! However... this is extremely hard to do. The content calendar in this template will help you stay on top of things though! It will help you ideate, schedule and manage your content effortlessly.

Analyse your content

A strategy that has exploded my social media growth is the following: Look at what performed well and do more of that! This template will help you do this, by providing you with a place to analyse your content on a monthly basis.

Monetise your business

Many people think that when you hit the 10K follower mark, the money just starts rolling into your bank account... unfortunately this is not the case! Monetising your content is a skill in itself and this template will help you set up 3 highly profitable income streams: Affiliate Marketing, Digital Products & Sponsorships!

Give structure to your business

The content creator life gives you a lot of freedom, which is amazing, but when I first went full-time I felt completely lost in what I needed to do. So I created 3 schedules for myself: a Workweek Schedule, a Content Schedule and a Trends Schedule. These are all included with the template.

And no, you don't need years of Notion experience.

This template was specifically made to be easily understandable for everyone. Even when you are completely new to Notion. It also includes a tutorial which explains the template in fine detail.

  • Content Calendar

    The content calendar is the place where you can schedule all your content. It has multiple different views and allows you to tag your content under a content pillar, assign it a publishing date, connect a sponsor to it and much more!

  • Pages for each platform

    In this template you will find different pages for each platform. Each of these pages includes a place for platform specific projects, a growth strategy page and a filtered content calendar. In the growth strategy page you will also find a place to do monthly analytic reports.

  • Affiliate Link Database

    Under the monetisation section you will find the affiliate link database. This is a place where you can store all your affiliate links, so that you have easy access to them at all times!

  • Digital Products Release Schedule

    This is a single database where you can ideate, schedule and launch your digital products from! This is how I have launched numerous wallpaper packs and Notion templates with huge success.

  • Sponsor Index

    Sponsorships are the biggest source of income for most creators. However, managing them can quickly become a hot mess! So I created the sponsor index, an all in one place where you can manage the pitching, negotiating and campaign phase of each brand deal.

  • 3 different schedules

    This template includes 3 schedules... You can use the Workweek Schedule to give structure to your workweek. You can use the content schedule as a nice overview and motherboard of your content strategy. And you can use the Trends Schedule to make sure that you never miss a trend!

The creator

I'm Bram, a Notion expert with years of experience

A few years ago I was looking for an extremely customisable all-in-one platform where I could organise my life. Notion became that platform and I have been dedicating myself to master it ever since.

I'm super excited to now help you organise your life in Notion and supercharge your productivity!

Frequently asked questions

What is Notion?

Notion is a very customizable all-in-one platform where you can do basically anything you want. Please refer to this webpage to learn more.

Is Notion free?

Yes, there is a free version of Notion which basically has all the features you need! The only reason why you would want to upgrade to the paid plan is if you were working in large teams in a single workspace.

Why would I pay for a Notion template?

In short, it is gonna save you a hack of a lot of time. Building a Notion workspace can take days, let alone learning how to use all the tools Notion has to offer to make those workspaces.

Do you want to spend your free time dragging Notion blocks around and watching endless tutorials on how to get that single feature in your workspace? Or... do you want to spend that time doing the things you love and working towards your goals?

Time = money in this world, so spend it wisely.

How will I be able to use this template?

After your purchase you will receive a link to the template, which you can then duplicate to your own workspace and start using.

Will I receive free updates for this template?

Yes, this template will get updates over time and you will get those updates for free.